Friday, April 23, 2010

The End of Something Great

What a great end to a great spring!   I finished my turkey season with an Eastern in Minnesota.  It was a tough hunt, but those are the ones that tend to stick out in your memory bank the most.  Right down to the wire.   Last morning.

The birds were anything but responsive.  A handful of roost gobbles and that was all she wrote.  As soon as thier feet hit the ground, not a sound.  With spring being ahead three to four weeks the birds were already in thier mid season lull.  Its only the second season!  Never thought things would be early this year, late if anything.   Mother Nature has surprised us all.

I put on the miles going to and from my two main properties in seach of a vocal tom.  No luck.  My plan was to hunker down for the last morning in a small field just off of thier roosting ground.  I just love hearing the outdoors wake up.  So relaxing and peaceful.   The best sense of serenity!   Enjoying all the sounds my eyes were fixed on a deer across the small field.   Scanning the field from right to left I had spotted a pair of coons coming down the edge of the field towards me.  The lead coon was a hog!   They were moving pretty good but not at full run.   They were going to trot just a few feet in front of me.  Wrong.  The big one made a sharpe right and headed straight for my lap!   After brushing my leg I rolled out of the way and pushed her aside with the barrel of my shotgun.   Boy, she put it in high gear after that.  Not sure who was startled more, me or the coon.  After gathering my wites back I noticed the deer had worked closer and was watching the whole thing go down.  I could only imagine what I would have heard if deer could laugh.

Keeping the calling to a minimum, finally, the dark shape of a turkey stands on the edge of the woods.   Not one but two and they see my decoys.   They started gobbling thier way towards me.   What a sight!   The front one was bigger, but the back one had one nasty attitude.  Wings dropped in the fighting stance and gobbling away.  Yeah baby, come to Pappa!   They sure did just that.  In range and trigger pulled.  Tommy down!

I worked very hard for five days for this bird.   It was one of the best turkey seasons I had ever had.  A Merriam, Rio Grande, and an Eastern.  How awesome is that?  Even when it feels like your tank is empty you must keep on keepin' on.  Never give up.  Remain confident in your capabilities and your choices.   You will be rewarded.   You may have to get ran over by a giant fat coon to do so, but the experience is well worth it!   Enjoy every minute you spend in the great wilderness and believe in all you see and hear.   Life is good.   What an end to something great!

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