Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Water

Finally! Open water.   It is so nice to see the waves instead of drifts.   Thats all I needed to hook the boat up and head out on the water.   Pulling my boat to the lake for the first time of the year is truely a fantastic feeling.   With a permanent grin on my face I catch myself constantly checking the rearview mirror in disbelief that my boat is actually back there.

With rising water temps panfish fill the creeks and channels of our surounding lakes.   This is one of the best times of all year to cash in on some real hog pannies.   The fish seek out these creeks and channels in search of warmer water temps, high oxygen levels, and large amounts of food.   When they find what they're looking for the feed bag is on.   Some of these spots are for bank fishing only, but if I can squeeze my boat in I will!  

In an uncommon moment when my cork wasn't shooting down thoughts of a new season and what I was in store for filled my mind.   Filling out on crappies and bluegill of great sizes had me excited about the times to come.   This is the way to bring in the new season!   Sounds from many kinds of waterfowl fill my ears.   There is no radio station that can play a song like that.  I'm in my boat, casting ultra light tackle, a heavy live well, teal buzzing my head, and pairs of honkers looking for nesting sights.  Come on, how amazing is that?  

Time really does fly.   Just when you think you can't take another day of a season, Mother Nature come through again.   That's why you have to love Minnesota.   The old saying sure is true, if you don't like the weather today, just wait a day and it will change.   It happens faster than you think!

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