Saturday, May 1, 2010

Casting and Conversation

Yep, headin' out on another one of my adventures.   Wisconsin bound for the Minnesota-Wisconsin Border Waters opener.   This trip has become one of those annual trips you look forward to year after year.  What is the water level going to be like?   Is the spring weather going to hold out?   What stage will the fish be in?   Its questions like these that make me intrigued to find out as fast as I can.

I have a long time friend that lives in St. Croix Falls near the big St. Croix river where we fish.   I think even more so than the fishing, his company is what makes the trip for me.   We don't get to spend much time together do to the distance between us.   It has been since the last opener that we have seen each other.  We had some great conversation during our short weekend.   We discussed everything from life goals to health issues.   Communicating with someone who seems to understand your every word in great depth is something that offers comfort like nothing else.  

It has really opened our eyes more towards the things we should be seeing.  Having land between us is a poor excuse not to see each other more often.  In all reality, when you have a friend of this caliber there really is no justifiable reason not to enjoy each others company more often.   This is the conclusion we have came up with and we tend on doing something about it.

As for the fishing, it was pretty poor.   Mainly on the weather side of things.   What seemed like gale force winds ripped up the river valley making fishing of any technique near impossible.   With the super low water levels, which didn't help matters any, trying to compensate the wind with heavier jigs just meant snag after snag after snag.   Replacing jigs time and time again while getting beat up from blasts of wind can get rather frustrating.   At times, yes, I felt like grabbing a handful of my leadheads and just giving them a fling into the river and saying, "There!   Happy now?" 

We did manage to land a few, and I do mean a few, walleyes, some small pike and the occasional smallie.   At any rate, I was flingin' jigs and in the company of a true friend.  That's what this opener is all about to this guy.  Casting and conversation.

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