Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Time to be a Nancy

My last precious day of vacation. I'm not talking about sitting under a palm tree sipping a cold one either. Instead, 25 mph winds and hard frozen snow. It's the kind of wind that makes your eyes water and your chin numb. When the weather is too crumby for being on stand, you can bet my dog is 20 yards in front of me and I'm sporting a sexy orange vest.

I felt like I was in a NASCAR race driving to my pheasant ground. The wind would whip my truck around like it was made of cardboard. The driveway back into our family farm has a long brushy field line alone it that usually hold birds. Not today. It's to open and the wind is beating it up pretty badly. If they are not there, they are somewhere else. This actually is a good thing. The line is super hard to get a close flush out of. The snow is rock hard so they now can run like the little roadrunners they are. They've been pressured now for a month or so and holding tight isn't in their agenda.

This wind will take care of that, I was hoping to myself. As we began and got our first flushes, things weren't lookin' so hot. Positioning myself as best as I could to the side of the cover I was thinking would produce the flush wasn't working. The birds were not holding all too tight to my surprise. Didn't really matter though because we were there and so were the birds. That truely is what it's about. Being there.

So I'm watching my suddenly birdy dog like a hawk just waiting for it. Then, I see him. Head down and running through the brush like he was in the wide open. Sprinting, ok more like stumbling, to get around to the back as fast as I can. Come on, come one. Nothing, and no dog. Off I go. Running down the trail scanning for Dixie. Suddenly I spot the orange collar and she is BIRDY! Staying in check with her we worked the back side of the dike. Finally. A perfect flush. Bead up and bird down. Couldn't have done that sittin' on the coach.

As I was putting my chaps on and switching boots I thought to myself,"What am I doing? Seriously!" I'm not going to lie, the wind sucked, bad. You know what though? It's hunting season and there is no time to be a nancy. Tough conditions can make for a great hunt, like mine today. Sometimes I have to push myself. Like today, I don't know who was in worse shape. Dixie or me. My face felt like if something touched it it would shatter. Her pads were so beat up and bloody from the icy snow it looked like a double lung shot when she walked. Before you know it, it will all be over and I don't want to miss a day. Too many great things could happen to be peaking out the window.

I want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm sure many of stories will be told over a turkey in the days to come.

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