Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Walk

Thanksgiving is over and I'm feeling a tad bit large.   Not to worry.   I usually take a trip north to do a little grouse hunting which means a lot of walking.   A fresh coat of snow and cool temps had me thinkin' it was going to be a good trip.

As far as flush numbers goes, it didn't turn out to be so hot.   We only flushed a group of three birds.   They held until we passed them.   Watching Dixie I asked myself, "Did I just hear that?"   Yep.   Looking around to see where the flush came from I heard another.   Running frantically to get a shoot, but I was too late.   One glimpse of the last flush was all I got.  

Regardless of the birds, it sure was beautiful up there.   I was in the Hinckley area soakin' it all in.   There's something majestic about being in the middle of no where.   When you stop, the only thing you hear is the breeze tickling the tree tops.   If not for the cool temps you could curl up into a ball and sleep for days.   It is so relaxing.  

The squirrels and song birds where doing their best to stay one step ahead of old man winter.   Not sure that anyone really ever succeeds in doing so.   Now days it seems like spring and fall no longer exist.   Summer into winter and winter into summer.   We seen some amazing country and lots of classic rub lines to watch.   We even shared lunch together, Dixie and I.   Grouse or not, the walk was well worth it.

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