Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The End is Near

The archery season is slowly coming to an ever so dreaded end. There is still a few days that remain. I decided to give the recurve another shot. I know, I know. I did say, however, I wasn't putting it away for sure. It keeps drawing me in. So I shot and rebuilt my confidence. I dealt with what had happened and was ready for another opportunity.

My first evening turned out to be one of those evenings you live for in late December. It was 30 degrees! It felt ridiculously great on stand. My knees weren't banging together and I could actually feel my fingers. Bonus! I decided to film my last few days. I had almost forgot how much work it really was filming everything yourself. You have to do everything twice in order to capture the whole story. That's fine, because luckily I enjoy it.

It was early when the deer began down the trail. I was getting some landscape video when it happened. Doing everything I could to get the camera back on the arm and grab my bow all at the same time. The shot was there and I took it. My arrow hit behind the diaphragm. I knew this was going to be a morning recovery. I noticed something wrong the minute I climbed down. At the base of my tree was a fletch from my arrow. Not good. I found the sign and it only confirmed that I must wait till morning as to not push the deer.

I arrived shortly after sunrise. Getting back on the trail was a piece of cake. Having only a speck of blood and stomach matter here and there was going to be tricky. My main concern was to not jump the deer. I entered the second section of woods to the welcome of crows. I looked up and saw the deer dead. She had only gone 100 yards. As I approached, I couldn't believe my eyes. The deer was reduced to only a skeleton. Coyotes had devoured the whole thing over night! Winter has been rough on all critters.

As for me, back to the drawing board. This time, I only have a couple days to fill my last tag and with nasty weather coming I'm not sure what the future has in store. I will continue to film my final days. This is why I don't have may stills to share with you. I am working on editing the footage I have and will let you know when I'm done with the video. It is sure to be entertaining!