Friday, December 31, 2010

Here We Go Again!

I reflect upon this past year and all the adventures I've endured. What went right and what didn't. My plans for 2011, well, I'm going to grab it by the horns and own it.

I want to thank everyone for making Eyes Wide Open such a success. Without the readers and fans what I do just would be the same. There is nothing more I enjoy doing than sharing my experiences with all of you. Having someone relate and perhaps take something from an experience I had is the most rewarding thing I could possibly get.

Big plans are in store for the new year with Eyes Wide Open. New experiences and more critters. Eyes Wide Open will be elevated along with how it is presented to you, the readers. With your continued support the sky is the limit, so, lets blow this thing out of the water!

I look forward to new times and adventures to share. Happy new year to all and be safe. Remember, one season closing just means another is beginning.

Thank you to everyone!