Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow Birds

The frosted landscape surrounded us as we marched through the new white powder. Fresh tracks of all kinds outlined the protruding cover. We lost ourselves in the white prairie.

I had taken the day off from The Traditional Quest. Dixie and I had a date. Not a movie and a dinner date, rather, a snow and a rooster date. While we searched for birds I couldn't help being amazed by the landscape. Every handful of steps gave way to a new view. One of calendar quality. The grass may be flat, but life was amongst us.

Fresh tracks gave away the movement of all critters. Winding tracks crossed to and from any and all cover. You could see where the deer and birds had stopped and fed on berries. If you look at a spot like this long enough you can almost actually see them as if they were still standing in their tracks.

Surprisingly, the birds didn't hold as well as I had expected. We experienced blind flushes, the kind you hear and don't see. I love the momentary pandemonium they bring. Difficult shots make for great retrieves. This is exactly what we endured. Our faces were frosted and our spirits were high. The landscape was filled with, Dixie and I.


  1. What a beautiful adventure. I love the way your story's are graciosly explained. It's your second nature and no doubt what you were born to do. The photography is phenomenal, beats any ourdoor magazine I have ever seen! You can honestly feel the pride and admoration in each picture as it tells it's own story. It's quite amazing how much a single photo can capture. Your work is remarkable and it's rewarding to see you succeed each and everyday. Keep up the good work.

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