Monday, February 8, 2010

A Days End

So many of us find comfort in the routine of our lives. Each day seems as if we know whats going to happen before it actually happens.   The rise of the sun means its happening today and the set of the sun means its going to happen again.   Why?  
If only for a moment, take some time to ponder something you normally wouldn't.   Take it to a level of depth you've never known.   Be completely honest with yourself.   Why do certain things happen?   What makes them happen?   Whats the purpose and can I take something from it? 
You can apply this to just about anything and everything.   From relationship situations to a deer crossing a road.   Both have reasons most have probably not examined.  
One particular thought seems to creep into my thoughts on a regular basis.   What is my purpose here?   What is it that I'm working for?   I know, seems simple to answer, but is it?   I'd be willing to bet that you could walk to the end of your driveway and look up and down the street and see that most around you are in the same boat.   People of simular class struggling the same struggles and living the same lives.   For some, all is good.   Again, what do you want out of life?   For me, I'm not trying to save the world, but open eyes to whats out there.   And I don't mean hundreds of miles away, but right in our backyards.   I think each and every one of us is here to experience certain things.   Our niche.   The things we're good at.   The things we do that makes us happy even when we're not physically doing them.   Isn't that what life is all about?
You only get one go around so make the best of it.   Take time.   Make time.   Do what you were meant to do.    I'm not telling you to run out and tell your boss to shove it, but start planning that trip you've always wanted to experience or start doing your homework on that moose hunt you've been caught dreaming about so often.   Allow yourself plenty of time in advance so you don't break the bank.   There are ways and we just need to educate ourselves and take advantage of them.   Yes, I did say we.   I to, am doing the same.   Its amazing how great you feel just doing a little research.   It brings in light and helps warm the feeling of doing something about a personal dream.   Feed off of it and make it happen.  
Take your time and your thoughts to a new level.   You'd be amazed at yourself and the answers you come up with and the actions you begin to take.   Break from your routine and do what makes you happy, because you can.   Its all in a days end.