Friday, February 19, 2010

Brown on White

   It seems the walls in my home are closing in on me.     Trapped and feeling a bit depressed from all of winters giving ways I knew what I had to do.   Forget thinking out of the box, I had to get out of the box.   No more wishing and waiting for spring.   I'm going to be out there and see all and any signs I can find.

   Gathering some gear and fueling up I headed south.   No, not south as in Florida or Texas, but south as in southeastern Minnesota.   Bluff country.   In search of the almighty brown trout and perhaps rework my state of mind.   The closer I got the more excited I began to feel.   This is one of those trips thats either going to make you or break you.  

   Entering the bottom of the valley on roads carved out of the bluffs I saw something.   It was a bird ahead on the road.   As I approached it flew up in the trees along side of the road.   I couldn't believe my eyes.   It was a robin.   I stopped the car grabbed my camera and jumped out.   The photo was going to be for proof only knowing no one would believe me.   As I am not the only one feeling winters funk.   Taking photos of not just one but bunches of robins and hearing their song was just what the doctor ordered.   What a way to start my attempt on kicking the winter blues.

Soaking up all the views making my way to the first stretch I would fish.   Upon shutting the door of my vehicle I said to myself, "Lets do this!"   As I reached the bank of the first pool the beauty of open water was mine for the taking.   And beautiful it was.   Gin clear water rolling over rocks makes a sound like no other.   I was the creeks audience.  

   The trout weren't all to interested in ambushing my lures of choice, but it didn't matter because I was there.   At first I did more hiking and looking than anything.   Finally.   No walls.   It seemed like seeing things for the frist time.   Then, it was time to focus and fish.   Saving my favorite little creek for last.   Working my way down the deer trails my anticipation grew.   Trout attempted to strike my lure but failed.   Being allowed to only use barbless hooks this time of year really adds to the challenge of a successful landing.   After losing a couple brownies shortly after the hook set made me think of how awesome of a time I was having.   One perfect cast later my first trout of the year was landed.   I could only imagine the smile on my face as the trout swam out of my hand back to the center of the pool.

   Thoughts about my day played over in my head during the walk back.   What a wonderful evening it was.   Sightings of spring and the smell of fish on my hands.   What could possibly be better in February?   If there was one thing I could say about this trip it would be mission occomplished.