Saturday, May 29, 2010


Finally!   Its bass time.   My favorite fish to chase.   They have to be one of the best predators under the surface, not to mention a nasty attitude.   Any fish that will strike my bait just for the simple fact that it's too close to them is tops in my book!

Early spring means early weeds we have to deal with, but I don't mind.  All the heat we've been having has made all the vegetation bloom like mad.   All I know is that it sure feels nice to see the jig glide through the air and enter the water right beside that big old log.   Lift it once, feel the tick, and swing for the fence!   Man, that feels great!

The fish seem to be in all stages right now.   Pre, spawn, and post.   The water temps got so high so fast the fish are all over the place.   Some are on beds and some are not.   This opens things up to putting many different patterns together all in one outing.   Honestly, it really doesn't matter for me.   I'm just glad to finally be out pitchen jigs in anything and everything I can.   Setting that hook with grand slam intentions and feeling the dead weight of a big old large mouth makes me grin from ear to ear.

From northern smallmouth on crankbaits to southern largemouth on jigs, my favorite.   If its a bass, I want to catch it!   I did both this weekend.   A little combo opener if you will.   Smallies and Billies!   What a time I had.   Not only are these fish extremely fun to catch but they are also readily available.   Most lakes have bass and they play a huge part in keeping the ecosystems of those lakes in check.   So get out there and start throwin' baits!   Time for me to get back at it.   Don't forget about our future fisheries, be sure to practice catch and release.   Our lakes depend on it just as we do.   As I call it, let'em go and let'em grow!