Saturday, September 18, 2010

Startin' It Out Right

When the alarm went off in the morning it was the best sound I have ever heard. It was officially opening day of the archery season. My anticipation for this day started the day it closed last year. Getting everything in line and prepped the night before is when it all really sank in. All I have to do is get this night out of the way and it's on. I was in store for a picture perfect morning.

My mind was made up to take a nice doe and get one in the bag. So, I set out to one of my favorite funnels. My truck said 48 degrees while on my drive to the stand. I can't remember an opener this cool. It seems as if it's usually 85 degrees and buggy as heck. Not this year baby! The wind is a little strange in this particular funnel. Deer go through it in both directions in the morning and evening. This is good and bad. You can hunt it in just about any wind, I love this spot. It proved itself once again.

On stand and ready. There is a small marsh to my west and the woodies were talkin' up a storm and the squirrels were chewin' up the acorns as fast as they were falling. Oh how I have missed this! A nice overcast with a soothing breeze. No skeeters either! I was just sitting and soaking it all in. The light crept in and it was now under way. My opener morning. Then, the sound we all wait and strive to hear. The grass was coming to life and making sounds that I was certain wasn't from no nut munchin' tree rat. Right I was. A year and half six exited the woods and skirted the edge of the corn field about 15 yards away. Then another little buck from the other corn field edge. They were small yes, but my satisfaction was huge. They stagedup right by me and then it got even better. Next thing I know they were face to face. Time for a little sparring. They rubbed foreheads and tickled tines. I got so lost in the show and reminded myself, this is why I do this. The larger of the two buck decided enough is enough. He showed a little attitude and the other was at his mercy. I can only hope this deer makes it a couple more years. He is a baby hog. At a year and a half he is even with his ears. He really could have a bright future if given the chance and that's exactly what I did. They fed off and I sat back in shear serenity.

About a half hour or so a deer began to come into the funnel from behind me. It was the boys again. They walked through right after passing directly underneath me. So very awesome. Contemplating on deer movement and what made those deer pass through one direction and then come back through from another. This is what I came up with, an acorn snack before a nap. More deer steps are coming. I grabbed my bow and though to myself, NO antlers please. I want that old slickhead. Sure enough here she comes. She passed all of 12 yards in front of me and was perfectly broadside. I was already at full draw and stopped her with a little soft grunt. Can you guess what happens next? Red arrow! Double lungs and blood leavin' pass through. Shaking like a orange leaf ready to fall baby. I get just as excited sticking a juicy doe as I do anything else. Like I say, you're hunting their brain and senses and does are no joke. I have to be honest, my arm still hurts from fist pumps!

The recovery was just as expected. Simple. Entrance and exit were spitting out the red gold like crazy. With photos taken and my trophy dressed it was time to burn up the phone line. When it's all said and done is when I realize how amazing of an experience the world of archery truly is. I live and breathe this stuff and wouldn't trade it for anything. It is my life and alway will be. An arrow hitting its mark is like nothing on this earth. Until I take my last breath arrows will be flying. It's good to have a purpose again.