Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Evening in Heaven

The speed bumps of life can be so overwhelming and even knock us off coarse at times. When it rains, it pours. Racing thoughts fill your mind with how am I going to fix that, where am I going to get the time, and blah blah blah. You know the rest. When I find myself congested with a negative vibe I know just what to do. Instead of letting this nasty funk grow I put a lid on it by spending an evening in heaven.

I've never been one to sugar coat things so I'll say it like I think it, life can just plain old suck at times. It seems like when one thing breaks three more things follow. Why is that anyway? I was on my way northbound when it all began for me. I found myself sitting on the side of the freeway just south of the Twin Cities in a vehicle that just wouldn't go anymore. Yep, that's as far as I made it. Without sounding like a sob story we all have heard, I'll just say the rest of my weekend followed that very same road.

With my undies in a knot and a bad attitude setting in on me like the plague, I needed some peace of mind. A great friend of mine has been letting me in on some top secret covert fishing intel. Never have I hooked up my boat and headed for the lake that fast after work. With sunset crawling in earlier and earlier I felt so rushed and that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Again the funk continues. I just had to though. I needed it so very much. When all was said and done and my jig began to find it's home in a tangle of submerged limbs is when the plague began to fade. Lost in the moment and away from the madness of life, I was at home. Spending more time soaking in my surrounds than fishing. Wood ducks jumped from their acorn buffet gracefully missing every branch on their way up to clear skies. Geese sang their song to me as if I put money in the jukebox and requested it. Crunching leaves on the bank gave way to a long sleek mink who seemed to be fishing the same banks as I was. Lost, completely lost.

To make matters even better, that's right I said better, the unmistakable thump of a billy bass engulfingmy jig. Shortly after my home run hook set a small fish was released and I was back at it. Further down the bank, wouldn't you know it, it happened again. This fish was even shorter, but who cares! I don't know if the leaves where floating by me or if I was floating by them, but the evening was one of the most beautiful I have seen in some time. Wait a minute, my line is swimming off the the side. Batter up! My rod doubled over and big Bertha surfaced. With the fish in the boat and the camera clicking away my outlook had been once again cleaned by mother earth. The setting sun made this fish glow as if it were dusted in gold, which was one of my best all time bass, only a handful of ounces short of 7 pounds!

The release wasn't just the huge fish swimming back to her home, it was me finding mine again as well. High hopes and big dreams all in tact. This thing we all fight through call life can indeed, suck, but don't let it. We are not here long enough to ponder questions that have no answers. Nor are we here long enough to not spend every opportunity we get doing what we love. These things we love feed our souls and drive us in life, whether its a hog bass or a long tined buck. When life gets heavy stem back to your roots and you will find yourself along with many other promising elements. The next time you feel like an angry wasp buzzing around the nest of life, spend an evening in heaven.