Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter is Here

The snow fell sideways being driven by the strong winds. Drifts grew by the minute. Old Man Winter has made his arrival official.

My weekend had been cut short, on the hunting side of things. Needless to say. It started Friday night. It was getting late and I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, they were wrong. Nope. First, it rained for a couple hours. Coating everything with a thick layer of ice. Good way to start out a snow storm, you know? Then it opened the gates and down came the snow. The harder it snowed the harder the wind blew.

I could hear the snow hitting the windows. How strange is that? I shoveled and blew the drive only to have it seem as if I hadn't moments later. My dog could walk up the snow banks and go right over the fence! In my area we received near the 20 inch mark of snow. In spots it's only a few inches deep but in other spots its shoulder high. I don't mind getting the snow, but the wind messes everything up. The rain, I would have to say is the worst thing you could get in the winter. It kills more birds than anything, besides domestic cats. The critters will be hurtin' now. It's a rough start to winter for all.

I plan on leaving things alone for the next few days. The deer should be back to feeding like mad again. Temperatures are suppose to be well below zero the next couple days as well. Their tracks will tell the story.