Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shroomin's on the Storm

Thunder, sideways rain, hail, and the almighty morel. What more could you ask for?

After my morning turkey hunt got stormed out I headed out to check some of my morel spots during a break in the weather. The weather seemed like it was going to give me some time to do some lookin'. Seemed being the key words.

I definitely found new shrooms, but they should have been picked a couple days ago. The only ones growing this late in the season are the big whites. A lot of them that I had found we too damaged to pick. Between the bugs and the sun they were pretty much shot. This was do to the somewhat warmer week with lots of sun. You have to pick them quick when it's warm and sunny.

The more wooded growth was in much better shape being guarded from the sun. I found some great morels in the undergrowth today. You really have to look now because the vegetation is getting rather heavy, but this saves on the damage.

The thunder began and the wind picked up even more. I had time, wrong. Light rain turned into sideways rain. Seeking shelter under some down falls, the hail began. As the ice stones bounced off my hat I said out loud," Please don't get any bigger!" With a little luck, they didn't. Marble size was about all they amounted to. This time of year the weather can be rather sneaky so watch it closely. I don't mind being caught in a rain storm now and again, I don't melt.

The shroomin' is nearing its end along with spring. Get out and find some before there are none to be found!

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