Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heat, Sweat, and Gills

Hot is the best way to describe my day with the gills. The local bank said 101 degrees! The kind of day that makes AC seem like the best thing ever invented. None the less, I found the big gills.

I set out Friday to check and see if the fish were still up where they were last weekend. Nope. Things changed, a lot. The water level dropped a few inches, but the water temps were the deal breaker. Last weekend the temps on these waters were around 68.5 and now it was 79.1! That's a huge jump for only 6 days! I pulled the plug and headed for new waters.

By this time the heat was getting pretty bad, very humid. I was flippin' some jigs, go figure, and came across a big patch of gill beds. I was shocked to see them sitting on beds guarding. The water temps here were in the low 80's! I had two pods close to each other. I used my glasses to see down to the beds and picked out the really big ones. It was really fun targeting one fish and fishing her until she finally bit. I did this back and forth from one pod and back to the other.

They were big hog females. I kept several from 9 to 9 1/2 inches. It was going to be a fantastic supper! And it was. I was completely drenched from sweating like a mad man. I was drinking the fluids as fast as I was loosing them. It can get a little creepy on the water when its this hot so prepare yourself. Sunburn and dehydration are no joke. I let my sunburn get a little out of hand, small price to pay for a good day on the water. You have to love them gills!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day, beats AC anytime!

  2. Nothing can be much better than a good day catching bedding gills, something I look forward to every year. Your spawn is a little later than ours here in southern Pa. It begins here about the third week of May and pretty much wraps up by mid June.

    BTW the next time you get into the bedding gills check them as you filet; you will find that it is the large males guarding the nest not females.

    Good post and thanks for following Country Captures