Monday, August 22, 2011

Baiting:Weekend #2

Baiting weekend #2 was a great weekend, overall.   While it was still fairly cool I decided to check my walk in bait first.   Bummer, nothing.   It was just as I left it.   I did manage to get 8 pics on the trail cam though.   Unfortunately, I had grabbed the one camera that I've been having issues with.   They are old digitalis that I don't really care too much about getting damage, this camera however, is headed for the trash.   I don't want this to happen again.   No biggie,  I'm sure they were pics of coons anyways.   I hope.

After a fantastic wheeler ride into my other station, boom, I'm in business.   The bait was hit, hard.   I can't wait to check the trial cam.    Wrong again.   The dang bear had taken it off the tree and left with it.   I couldn't find it anywhere.   Not to worry, that's why I use these cameras.   I rebait and got out of dodge.
Next morning, same deal.   Walk in not hit and the wheeler bait was whipped out.   This time my camera was laying right in front of the bait.   Now, I don't have a clue how the bear got the cam off the tree without breaking anything, but it did.   Just a few tooth marks.   Kind of creepy, you need a thumb to get that thing off!   At least they brought it back...
I had a great time.   The smallies were snappin' and the weather was fantastic.   My only complaint would be, yep, those damn BUGS!   They are bad.   The flies almost pick you up off the wheeler.   Drive as fast as you want, they still manage to bounce off the back of your head.   You have to dress appropriately!!!   Like a bee keeper.   I baited really heavy before leaving hoping to keep the bait active until this coming weekend when I can return.   It is going to be a LONG week...

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