Saturday, November 26, 2011

The SLUMP continues...

Well, I'm sure as you all know by the lack of posts, the dreaded slump has settled in.   I have sat mornings and evenings for the last three days without a single deer sighting.   That is just plain old sad.   We had a record warm front followed by gale force winds, but this is no reason for all movement to stop.   I'm not really sure the reasoning for this lack of activity.
I don't believe it's just deer either.   My trap catches have turned into a big fat goose egg  by mid week.   No critters seem to be moving.   I have been switching my main focus from coon to yotes.   This mornings check only revealed a stinky little skunk.   How appropriate I guess.

I'm trying to come up with a game plan.   I'm thinkin' about shooting a doe, if presented, and hope for some snow for the last bit of the archery season.   Then pick back up for Mr. Big.   As far as trapping goes, coyotes are number one now.   I still plan on messin' with coon a bit also.   A little snow would do wonders for the trappin' now to.

Something's going to have to give soon, right.....

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