Monday, February 21, 2011

The Remedy

Open water, new arrivals, and green springs showed signs of winter loosening its grip. The snow was being reduced to slush and the gloomy winter blues were once again vanishing. My eyes were fixed on signs of new life.

The remedy for cabin fever has arrived. Warm temperatures pumped life into the veins of our wilderness in the form of gin clear water. The nearly invisible water was in perfect harmony with the calling of awakening wildlife. Large clusters of robins painted a grin on my face that never seemed to disappear.

I marched through the wet slush and stopped to marvel in the sight of a spring. The vegetation in and around the spring was as green as anything I had ever seen. New life was beginning. You could actually feel the warmth of the air, and oh how refreshing it was. I couldn't help but notice a hatch of several different types of insects. I know in only a few short months my thoughts will change, but I couldn't have been more happy to see bugs.

With water of this clarity the trout fishing becomes more of trout hunting. The steams in the bottom of Minnesota's southeastern bluffs seem to offer many vantage points to make that perfect cast. Easier said than done. A strategically placed cast under a log jam surrounded by over hanging brush is a wonderful place to lose your casting rust. Be sure to come equipped with many baits as for the obstacles show no mercy. A gold bladed in-line spinner with a black and yellow body was the weapon of choice. Barbs crimped and blades spinning, I was fishing.

The trout were aggressively breaking the surface feeding on the new hatch I observed. It was sure to be a good day, and good it was. At one log jam placed in the center of a bending pool I had 4 fish on in 4 casts. Getting one of these brown beauties in your hand was a battle all its own. The winter season allows for barbless hooks only making dropped fish seem inevitable.

It seemed as if every bend led way to another school of breaking trout. They hit my spinner with force and agility. Struggling to keep hooked fish out of cover with a short ultra light and 4lbs. line seemed to be nearly impossible. The trout seemed to be as excited about the coming of spring as I was. I pressed on and fished on. Catching several brownies and breathing that warm spring air was what I so longed for.

Believe it or not, there is a cure for cabin fever. The remedy lies within the gin clear waters.