Sunday, March 13, 2011

Missouri Lease: A New Addition

A new addition of adventures has taken shape for Eyes Wide Open. I have taken on a 300 acre lease in northwestern Missouri. It took lots of time and patience, but this year will be filled with new experiences. A full year lease means I not only get to chase whitetails, but I also get to see about smackin' a couple toms as well. Not to mention some great fishing. Pumped!

I met with the landowner and had a briefing on the property. The property boundaries were established and the deal was sealed. Now, I was free to explore. After a couple of hours of walking, I seemed to be in heaven. Water, food sources, rolling hills and ravines, and a ton of sign. The layout of the property is designed for bowhunting. There are a lot of narrow travel corridors and pinch points. Narrowing it down to the right one is going to be tricky.

I have made another scouting trip since the day of the deal. Penitrating areas I wasn't able to on my first visit. It got even better. Trails crossing one another dotted with rubs had me looking for set locations all over. The trails looked like deep muddy cattle trails, but made from deer. With lots of surrounding CRP bedding was everywhere, which will make this narrowing down process even more difficult. Not a bad situation to be in!

The only bad thing, gas is predicted to reach the $5 mark. Figures, I finally get a Missouri lease and gas prices skyrocket! A small, well maybe not small, price to pay to do what you love. As fall approaches I have tons of work to do and even more to learn about the property and how the deer in the area associate with it. I will keep everyone posted on all the new experiences. Trail cam pics, new finds, stand locations, and so forth will all be shared on Eyes Wide Open. It's going to be one heck of a ride!