Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Pelican's Suggestion

A stone pelican sits on rock in front of an old blue shack that has a striking resemblance to the sky.   Green vegetation frames the scene around the island where this arrangement calls home.   It's rather post card like.

So many wonderful visuals surround us in everyday life, but do we notice them?   Now days, it seems as if most don't even get a glimpse.   Why?

Why are we destine to reach the end in such a hurry?

It seems we are so wrapped up in speed and technology that our lives are just flying past us.   At one point we have all asked ourselves this question,"Where has the time gone?"   When we were children a minute was still the same length as a minute now that we are adults.   Every minute of every waking hour is filled with some kind of task.   I know some people that are even hard to talk to because of this.   They ramble on to tell you everthing in such a short amount of time it makes your head spin.   Then they tell you the ten things they must complete before the days end and leave in a strange state of calm panic.

Everyone wants an instant meal with the press of a button.   Everyone wants 4G's instead of 3G's.   Everyone wants to hurry up with this to get to that.   Everyone wants to drive fast and crazy to get no where.

While our heads are burried in IPads and labtops we don't notice the beauty of our sourroundings.   Lift your head up if only for a moment and take notice.   You have to make time to take time.   What is happiness?   I may not know what exactly it is, but I do know how to create it.   The things we love to do is our personal happiness.   Without it, well, you know.   While getting tangled in the hustle of life we lose our grasp on our time for the things that make us smile.  

Annual fishing trips slowly turn into never fishing trips and walks in spring blooming parks are left as only memories.   Why?

The outdoors is my smile.   Hunting puts me in "my" place and I smile every minute I'm there.   In my eyes, life is a hunt.   When everything comes together in the end, a shot is present.   But, the shot isn't the best part.   It is everything you have done that leads up to the shot that is the hunt, the true experience.   That's what matters.   So what's the hurry?

So, instead of trying to get there faster, enjoy the ride.   Take time to notice the fall colors.   Take time to sit on a bucket holding fishing poles with your son.   Take time to pick flowers with your daughter.   Take time to notice how purple a hummingbird can be.

The end is just that, the end.   Enjoy and embrase what it takes to get there.

What's your smile?