Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Saddle Plot: First Step

One of the properties I have been fortunate to hunt is ready for a plot. By ready, I mean the surrounding cover has matured enough to offer enough security to the wildlife. The location is perfect. It is in a saddle that has been an ideal pinch point for passing deer.

After picking the exact location I did some minimal brush trimming. Trying to stay a step a head, I also raked out the area of the plot with a steel rake. Not going to lie, that sucked. It took forever. This is a plot that I can not get or can not use any machinery on. It all must be done old school. With a lot of sweat equity. Raking out the plot area took me most of the day.

By raking the plot already I have cleared out the dead vegetation that winter has left. I then sprayed it. I know, too early you say. But, it was rather green under the dead vegetation. If I kill the weeds and unwanted growth before it is chin high, I will have less raking to do later on. It will take several times worth of spraying though. Not a problem, I don't intend on planting until the beginning of August. I have all summer to work the plot. What I am worried about most in this location is the moles and vines. Lots of them!

It felt amazing to be out working on a project, in a T-shirt none the less. I have officially welcomed spring with open arms. My journey with the Saddle Plot will be shared and updated as it progresses. This is going to be a great year!