Sunday, April 24, 2011

Missouri Turkey Weekend #1

Well, my first weekend in Missouri was certainly not filled with turkey action. The weather was tough and the birds were even tougher. None the less, it was an adventure.

I arrive Friday morning around 5 a.m. to the sound of thunder and flashing of lightening. I patiently wait for the storm to pass with little luck. I put the rain gear on and headed out anyway. Every now and again a crash of thunder would force a gobble. Pressing on with very little luck, I switched game plans.

I was able to get into some of the best panfishing I have ever experienced that afternoon. The crappies were that of nothing like I had ever seen. 15 plus inchers that you could almost fit a soda can in their mouths! These fish were insane and the most colored I've seen. The bluegill were no slouches either. Absolutely giant pannies! No turkeys on day one, but the fishing made up for every rain drop.

The sky broke open with sunshine and I had myself a fine dinner. With my belly full, I slept like a champ. Saturday morning was, well, gale force winds. In my opinion wind is the worst thing for turkey hunting for pail full of reasons. At 9 a.m. I had a strutter skirt the opposite side of the field I was on. He had two feathered ladies with him, so I was non existent to him. That sums up my turkey action for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning was the best of the weekend. Super heavy fog filled the air, but it was still and clear. The turkeys gobble on roost and when they hit the ground the gobbles stopped. I sat patiently awaiting one to silently sneek in. All I ended up with was a sore bottom.

I've always said that turkeys are more weather sensitive than fish. I guess this weekend proved that to be rather accurate. Turkeys or no turkeys, I was in my element and that's what makes a successful hunt. In four more days I will go for another round and you will hear all about how weekend #2 goes. The turkey adventure continues...