Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lonesome Opener

My 2011 Minnesota fishing opener consisted of turkey hunting archery style. However, I did manage to get into some crappies the day before the big opener. Water temps are still cool for this time of year so the crappies were still up.

As far as opener goes, it seemed rather lonesome. Spots that are regularly packed weren't all that busy from what I had seen. I usually get some good fishing reports, but even the reports themselves were scarce.

A local newspaper had a front page article on the slow opener. One of the local bait shop owners said he had the least customers on friday night that he has ever had in 66 years. From the people the newspaper talked to it seemed outrageous gas prices were to blame for a lot of it. Lots of folks that usually travel for the opener just plain old didn't go. The expense of lodging, bait, licenses, and especially gas seems to be taking its toll on Minnesota's biggest weekend.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I really blame them. I can only imagine how the bait shops and resorts are handling this. Times continue to be tough...

How did you do?