Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Harmonious Vibe

Could you ever imagine finding peace, in a tanning turtle?
Well, I did.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frogs in the Grass and Jigs in the Wood

Well, that's pretty much what my weekend consisted of. Frogs in the grass and jigs in the wood.

I set out this weekend to find me some Billy Bass. Unfortunately for my thumb, I found some. Everyone who fishes bass knows all to well about bass thumb. Between Friday and Saturday, I went through 35 bass. My poor thumb looks and feels like I put it through a meat grinder. Not a bad problem to have, due to what caused it.

Friday afternoon was really nice out. Thin clouds and very little winds. I found many empty beds and began flippin' jigs into the near by wood. Yep, the fish were there. This is how and when I got my heaviest fish of the weekend. She was ugly, yet beautiful. Let me explain. Very much so a post spawn fish. Her belly was arched in and beat up and bloody. Still, she went an amazing 6lbs 5ozs. I wish I had caught her a week or two ago, she may have broke the 7lbs mark.

Saturday, it rained most of my time on the water. I hit a patch of curly leaf and coontail off the bank. Rippin' frogs over this stuff can be awesome and it was. The noise of this bait really pulls them out of this hard to fish cover. There truly isn't anything like a top water bit either! The only problem I have with this pattern is that you miss many fish. Lots of plastic to this bait which makes getting a good hook set tough. The fish do a lot of missed strikes as well. You know, the kind where a fish blows up on your bait and well, that's it. You frantically cast for another strike and sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

Amazingly the water temps were only in the upper 60's. It's pretty much July, that's crazy for this time of year. I'll take it! Some fish were still carring eggs, but most have dropped and they are beginning to build back up. With all the rain this year water levels are up a lot. For bank beaters like myself, this is great. My favorite thing is flippin' jigs in wood and now there is a lot of bank structure. Now is a great time to catch a ton of bass, SO GO DO IT!