Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baiting: Weekend #1

For me, the first weekend of bear baiting is the official beginning of my hunting season.   From here on out it seems as if it's one opener after another.   I knew of the storm damage in the area I hunt, but I didn't realize the severity of it until I actually got to see it.

Several roads and trails were closed but I did manage to get to my bait station locations.   Needless to say, they were whipped out.   I now was faced with a new challenge.   Relocating my stations.   I wanted to stay in close to my original stations, but finding a clear enough place with a tree worthy of hanging a stand was the hardest part.

I would be lying is I said I wasn't a bit nervous having bait in different locations.   I just need to be patient and let the baits do their work for the next couple of weeks.   If my baits don't become active in the next few weeks it's going to be back to square one.   Then, finding even more new locations.

It is very difficult to even get around in the forest now, what's left of it anyways.   I am very curious to see how this is going to affect the hunting and the stations activity.   It will either make it better or make it pointless.   I'm really hoping for the better.   Time will tell.

Soaking wet with sweat and being driven to near insanity from bugs sometimes makes you wonder what the hell you're doing.   Everyone who bear hunts knows what I'm talking about, but when you start getting hit it all becomes very clear.   I have to say though, I've never experience deer flies like I have this year.   WOW!   They are bad!

Weekend by weekend you can track my quest to take a Minnesota black bear with my bow.   With bait on the ground, I'll be patient and time do it's thing.

I did manage to slip away from the tail mix and gummies to do a little pike fishing!