Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Weekend in the Marsh

Dogs, ducks, and talkin' smart.   The second weekend of the waterfowl season started out pretty good and ended on a slow note.   None the less, I was in the mash with my favorite company.   These are the times I will never forget.

Due to the closed first week of the season, Saturday turned out to be not too bad.   The strong northwest winds throughout the week played a role in birds hittin' the ground as well.   Local birds were still somewhat available and some new birds had arrived.   We grounded several birds into the late morning on Saturday.   A mixed bag is always a bonus.   Mallards, green wings, woodies, shovelers, and geese.

Sunday, someone had flipped the switch.   Few ducks and few geese in the sky.   We ended up with a few small ducks and a goose.   I would have to say we heard maybe half the shooting as we did the day before.   Something we really like to do is stay out later than the rest in the surrounding area.   People sit for the first morning rush and then jump ponds before headin' in.   This is when the shooting can really get good.   Lots of single and small flocks lookin' to sit down.   We shoot a lot of birds this way.   If it wasn't for this stratiedy, Sunday would have been a bust.

I feel pretty darn lucky.   Lucky to have such a great wetland to hunt, such a great dog, and such a great uncle to share it with.   Without our great wetlands, well, I'm not really sure what would have been made of me.   Some of my fondest memeries come from the muddy waters.   As waterfowlers and as people of Minnesota we need to band together and make certian wetlands always have a home here.