Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trap Theft

I've been ditch trappin' coon with DP's around the town I grew up in, Faribault, and just put out a new dozen.   I checked in the morning to find some S.O.B. has been stealing my coon, along with the traps.   Can you say NOT HAPPY!?!   I've called TIP and the head CO of Rice County.   VERY illegal.  

 Almost all my sets are not visable from the road.   Some one had to be lookin' for them or saw me settin'.   Not sure, but I would guess another trapper.   My reason, who carries a heavy wire cutter and something to dispatch a coon with?   The coon were dispatched, could tell from the blood, and the tie wire was clearly snipped.   This is some real B.S.   Who does that?   The cost of DP traps, gas, bait, time, and pelt value can really add up in big hurry.   If you were driving down the road you would have NO idea my sets are there, great thing about a DP.   Either I was seen by someone making the sets or someone was lookin' for them.
Makes a guy feel like he can't do anything now days.   I mean, if I can't mind my own business and trap a coon out on some back road ditch without having some coward steal my catch and gear, then what can you do now days?   People like this are a huge reason people stop participating in the outdoors.   I hope, whoever it is, stops and they nail the crap out of him.

Anyone else experince this?