Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Friend...

I was out makin' some new coon sets in culverts mid day today.   As I was in between sets, a fellow stopped his truck along side mine, happens all the time.   People wondering what you're doing.   This stop, was different.

The man pulled over and we talked on the side of the road for a while.   Seeing he was a hardcore, dog runnin', coon hunter, he was pleased to see me settin' Dogproof's.   Just like most conversations, this led into that.  

He had been deer hunting the firearms season that morning.   He told me the story of his, well, I guess you could say, the morning he will not soon forget.   He had a doe come in and a big old nasty buck behind her.   Caught off guard, he stopped him, took the shot, and missed.   You could tell it was what I call a heart breaker.

Made me think of my encounter with Fishhook.  So, here you go buddy, I'm in the same boat!   Hope this short trail cam video makes you feel better, or at least not alone!

Meeting people like this man reminds me why I do what I do.   There are still good people out there.   He truly is an outdoorsman and I hope we stay in contact along our journeys.   Wish there was more people like him in our woods.

This is me checking the camera after my encounter.   I kind of forgot about the camera filming me!

My email is feel free to contact me at any time!   Hope we meet again...