Sunday, December 4, 2011

Red on White

My buck hasn't hit the ground yet, but the snow sure has.   New snow is the cure for the late season funk.  

Last weekend I made the decision to fill my antlerless tag.   I had really been hoping for some good snow.   Got it.   I look at the snow in a couple ways.   One, it really puts the deer back on a food pattern.   And two, it acts like a trail cam for the entire area.   You can see everything with snow.   Every step a critter makes is all right there in black and white.   It's almost like cheating in a sense, but I'll gladly take it!

Fresh snow is the BEST.   Every track you see is fresh.   It gives way to current movements.   Get on a quickly made trail and it's almost a sure deal for a shot opportunity.   I slipped into the Killin' Tree in the funnel.   Several sets of track already, I was pumped.   I have to say, the woods were simply amazing this evening.   It was one of the kind that you will always remember, deer or no deer.  

A group of 5 came in and I picked out a hog and let it fly.   As my meat missle blew through its target I could aready smell the brats on the grill.   Stumbling, she fell just out of sight.   It was sure nice to see some red on white again!

Bundle up and get after it!