Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crazy Weather!?!

What a change from last year.   I read something the other day that said we had 34'' of snow this time last year.   Today, it was 40 and pouring rain.   Only in Minnesota baby!

Sure makes it tough for some things though.   It's tough on me for trappin' I know that.   From rock hard dry ground to snow covered to thick mud.   In a day or so that mud is going to freeze up like a brick.   You have to love it, right?   I was really hoping the snow would stay for snaring reasons, and bow hunting reasons, but no such luck.

I'm not going to complain, not after last year.   EVERYTHING needs a break.   The few pheasants we have left, the deer, and even the fish.   By fish I mean bad ice years.   When we have a crappy ice season it give the lakes a break around here.   You should see our lakes around here on good ice years.   TONS of shacks.   Guys sit over the fish all winter and just pound.   This way it gives the fish a needed break.

Only a couple weeks of archery season left and this is going to make me have to regroup my plans.   When the ground is exposed the deer don't yard up as heavy due to the amount of graze they still have.   Pair that up with a bunch of OT at work and that makes it a bit ugly.   I guess we're going to just have to grind it out and see what happens....