Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring is Creepin'

Mission tree stand seat extraction was underway.   I was sliding to my next target, a stand on the edge of a small river.   Before I knew it, I was covered up with deer.    The weather was right, the wind was right, so I just sat back and watched.

A friend of mine and a fellow whitetail fanatic had experienced a rather large setback.   While snowmobiling in Wyoming he suffered a pretty devastating knee injury which lead him to reconstructive surgery.   He called upon me for some spring cleaning, if you will.   The mission was to check and remove about 16 tree stand seats and remove The Boss (decoy) from his hiding spot.
Warm sunny weather, new ground, shed hunting, tree stand maintenance, all on whitetail loaded managed property.   Needless to say, I accepted.   The wheeler was loaded and I was on my way to paradise.   Beaches and 85 degrees, you can keep it.   I'll take 41 degrees and woods any day.

Aerial photos guided me to every stand site.   I was getting rather dizzy though.   Looking down for sheds then up for stands then down for sheds then up for stands and so on.   One site location led me into a whole mess of deer.   They just milled around me as if I was just an old stump.   Been called worse I guess.   Everywhere I turned I saw movement.   The deer in the photograph above I took at only 11 steps!   Yep, I was deer drunk.

With my eyes fixed on the prize, shed hunting didn't get very far.   I didn't manage to find any loose bone, but I did stumble across a nice main frame 10.   Dead where he laid.   I hate seeing these deer that would have made the stud classification in a year had they not expired too early.  A 3 1/2 year old indeed.    He was left only as a skeleton and a head of tines.   Snap, crackle, pop.   He was coming with me.

A muddy wheeler, a truck full of stand seats, The Boss, a new suviner, and lungs full of fresh air.   I drove home.   Smiling the whole way.

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