Friday, March 9, 2012

The Soul Solution

The first warm temps of the year drive me crazy. I get ants in my pants, actually by the end of the morning I had twigs and chunks of bark in pants. Open water is the only cure. To be honest, it's the whole experience. Fresh air, all the sounds, casting, hiking, the list goes on.
The southeastern winter catch and release season is a life saver. Every year when the warm weather starts creepin' I can't help but go. It's a quick fix. You never know how it's going to go, but it really doesn't matter. Fish or no fish. The point really is to just get outside and enjoy the new air.
I have a few little favorite stretches that usually hold fish. Triggering strikes is a different story. The water was so gin clear if you stared at it too long it almost seemed to vanish. Although beautiful to see it makes fishing very tough. Trout fishing is almost more like hunting than fishing. You really have to sneak to get into casting position. Usually you end up blowing the fish out before you can make a cast. Oh well, on with the hiking.

My eyes seem to focus on everything but the water at times, alright, most of the time. There is a lot to look at. Especially when you haven't seen it for some time. All kinds of critter tracts, deer sign, amazing views, there is just so much to soak in. This is the whole point of going. Not just to fish, although that is one heck of a perk.

No sheds or dead bucks were found. The only casulty was one doe carcass. A good sign. I am concerned with the lack of deer sign however. It was there, but not in the glory it normally is. On a positive note, I did manage to land a good fish. The fishing was very tough, but it was fishing none the less. The sun was shinning as well, god knows how much my milky white skin needs that. When
I leave this magnificant place I always feel better. About everything.
Gear check is something I want to share with everyone about some of my experiences. The exact gear that I choose for my adventures.

Fenwick Eagle GT Light action rod

Quantum Q Vex 10

Sufix 4lbs. mono

1/8 oz. Rooster Tail in-line spinners

(bring lots of spinners, the trees and rocks eat'em up fast)

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