Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Your Poor Flowers

You spend countless hours tending to your prize flowers and lush gardens. All the sweat and back breaking pain is all worth it in the end. Everything would be perfect except for those darn flower eating garden walking deer. How dare they?

More and more articles about people complaining about deer within city limits causing damage to their property is getting a bit outrageous. From Duluth down to the city I live in now, about an hour south of the cities. I read these articles and can't help but feel sick. Then it gets even better when I get to the comments section. Usually at this point I'm speaking out loud in frustration.

Many have been saying how the deer come within city limits looking for a food source and they must be taught a lesson. People who want to decrease the population because of a handful of plants. My flowers are being eaten so there is too many, shoot them. Pretty sad justification. They say if we keep shooting them they will associate the city with danger. Really, come on folks.

Ok, let me set this thing straight. The MAIN reason deer concentrate in city limits is for one thing. Refuge. All critters do it. We just notice deer more. They may have more contact with humans, but it is in a non threatening way. Plain and simple, deer are safe in the city. They don't come to the city looking for tomato plants and lilac bushes. The country food source is far more plentiful than in the concrete jungle. Why do they eat your flowers then? Because they are within their refuge, city limits. Deer will eat what they can to remain safe. Sorry, it is the truth.

Deer numbers are down. If you don't believe me, go for a walk in one of these supposedly over populated city parks or take a drive in the evening. I bet you don't see near the numbers then in past years. Don't get me wrong, it is most definitely needed from time to time. It needs to be for the right reason though. These micro ecosystems can only handle a certain deer density, yes. But, are we doing it for what's best for the deer or what's best for the residents?

I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you, but we have to co-exist. If we keep choosing not to, we wont have a damn thing left. You can count on that. Instead of complaining about them doing what they do, surviving, perhaps try to enjoy them. Maybe there's just too many people. Have you ever gone to the State Fair and blended in with thousands of people in one tiny little spot? Have you ever seen that many deer in one spot? So what is a healthy human density? Or do we feel we are not a part of the ecosystem? How many more trees should we cut down to build more to meet our needs? Why is it OK for us to rapidly expand and nothing else can? We take, take and take some more. How would you feel if you came home from work and your neighbor knocked down your house to add on to his? I'd bet you'd eat his flowers to.

Oh, and one more thing. I garentee you that rabbits are FAR more destructive to flowers and gardens than deer out there. I'd also be willing to bet if you have deer crap in your yard, you have a lot more rabbit crap than deer crap. There is a hell of a lot more rabbits than deer also. That's it Martha, call the sharp shooters, them rabbits are going down.

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