Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thunder Chickens, Literally

      This spring has to be one of the strangest I've seen, weather wise.   We went from 80 degrees in March to 55 degrees and storm after storm in May.   My late season archery turkey hunting is really going to be a tough deal.

      The last couple of storms have produced a couple inches of rain.   Each individual storm that is.   We have gotten a ton of rain these last couple weeks.   It was dry coming into spring, not no more.   Problem is, it all comes in a half hour.   One of these big storm cells produced large damaging hail.

     The rivers are roaring, streams are crankin', and there is standing water everywhere.   I know they say the turkey season started out with a much higher harvest then last year, but I'm really struggling on putting some birds together.   They are saying this is the effect of the bad winter and wet spring we had the previous year.   Well, this spring is really going to put the hurting on nesting and the young.  

      I'm just not seeing birds everywhere like I normally do.   Getting permission from landowners seems to be increasingly difficult.   I'm just all around struggling.   I did manage to land a few places however.   The archery season starts this week and I'm nervous and excited all rolled up into one emotional burrito.  

I don't care if I have to canoe out there, it's going down.   Persistence is key.   I will keep you posted on my journey through the Minnesota Turkey Archery season.   Thunder chickens beware...

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