Sunday, October 28, 2012

1st Water Check

My first check went pretty well, all in all.   Low water and cool temps are sure making it tough.   A lot of my coon sets were under ice.   Due to the lack of water trappers are a lot more concentrated as well.   If you see water, you can bet your ass there's a trap in it.  
Tomorrow I will be doing some pulling and setting in new grounds.   Hope the weather hold out for us.   Got more fur to catch.   I'll keep you posted!
My trapper look.   Oh yes I did.


  1. Best of luck in your trapping. I really enjoyed it back 30 years ago when I did it. I learned a lot from my time on the line. Incidentally, if you want any comments, you might want to ditch the word verification.

  2. Thank you, much appreciated. What is it you mean by word verification?