Friday, December 28, 2012

Flat Top Finale

No shot opportunities on a shooter buck means one thing.  Well, actually it means a lot of things but we'll save that for another post.   Where I was going with this is, last few days flat top killin'.  
If you don't fill your tag with Mr. Big don't be ashamed to kill a flat top.   I save those last few days for tag fillin'.   This year we got a good snap of cold weather just in time.   We don't have a ton of snow but the cold will work.
I slid into one of my favorite late season stands.   There is always a mashed trail about 18 yards out form my stand, this year was no different.   A single doe took her time down the trail after sunset.   For this hunt I'm sporting my recurve.   Bow in hand and arrow following my mark.   Just before my shooting lane she turns and trots right to my stand.  
I released a meat missle at my target standing only 5 yards out.   Shizam!   Done deal.   She went just under 100 yards and spun out.   Love killin' baldies with the curve, or anything for that matter.   Backstraps on the George Foreman and the rest to be made into brats.   Oh how I love this.


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