Monday, January 2, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Chopping, setting, checking, and pulling.   This is pretty much how my weekend went, in a nutshell.   My new year was brought in on the rat line.   Good company and a lot of rats.   Wouldn't have had it any other way.

Setting muskrat huts on the ice is a blast.   It's simple and exciting.   In a way, it reminds me of tip up fishing.   When you approach a set hut and pull out your plug to see that the line is tight is such a great feeling.   You have to fish them out of the hole and slide them up onto the ice.   Just like tip up fishing!  

Whatever it takes to keep me out there, I'll do it.   Being outdoors trappin' rats in January makes me feel like a lucky man.   Cabin fever can pack its bags and get on out of here.   With archery season over, I need to stay busy.   Muskrats are doing it for me this year.   Help me get through the winter my brown puffy little buddies!