Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Cold, Rat Scout

 The weekend is almost here and it is bringing some real winter weather with it.   I will probably be looking at only one check day.   My main concern is scouting and accessing some new rat huts.   Cold, snow, and a short time.   I am very excited to see what I can come up with for my weekend adventure.   I'm thinkin' the wheeler is coming out and we are going to try and reach some distance huts.   My fingers are crossed that all goes well.   I'll keep you posted...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

...And More Rats...

Although this winter, or lack there of, really screwed up my late season bowhunting, but it sure has made late season muskrat trappin' a blast.  

With just a dusting of snow on the ice you can access just about anywhere with ease.   As long as  you don't mind walking.   The ice is pretty good in my parts, but normally this time of year it would be in driving condition thickness.   It's suppose to get  frigid this week so I'm hoping next weekend to gear up the wheeler and head out to some not so easy places to walk to.

I set 31 huts Friday and pulled 20 rats Saturday.   I pulled a few, relocated a few, and reset the rest.    Round 2 on Sunday morning.   I had 27 huts set and pulled 15 more rats.   Well, one was a half due to a mink beating me to it.   I was very happy with the second pull of 15 with a lot of second catches.    Batted over 50% both checks.

Something I didn't know was even possible happened to me on the last check day for the weekend and the last trap of the day.   I had set a push up style hut.   When I walked to it I had seen the side was blown out and I could see the rat in there.   He went down his exit hole, or he tried to anyways.   I grabbed his tail and the stake, but man he just wouldn't come out.   When I finally fished him out I couldn't believe my eyes.   I had two rats in the same trap!   One was drown and the other very alive.   That must have been some timing when that trap fired!   I'll bet I never see that again.

Happy trappin' everyone.