Monday, January 23, 2012

Not Too Bad

Ice, snow, and huts.   I love it baby!   I found some huts, set them, and pulled more rats.

I have to say that using the wheeler is almost cheating.   Now, my options are limitless.   If I find a dozen huts on the far side of lake, no problem now, I will set them!   On my way to scout some hard water I noticed that everyone decided to drive on the ice at one time.   Full size trucks were everywhere.   And to think, I was a bit concerned about the wheeler...

I managed to score a little lake I used to do some duck hunting on.   It has a good number of huts and I began settin'.   Wow, were the huts hard as cement.   By the end of settin' my arm was trashed.  
Due to long weeks at work, I had to set Saturday and check and pull Sunday.   I managed to pull 13 more rats.   Definitely not my best day, but I'll take it any day.   The snow really helped with freeze ups.   It was 6 below when I set on Saturday.   Not a single hut was froze up on me.   I bring a snow shovel and pack snow over my plug.   It really works great.

I'm planning on doing this until the season is up at the end of Feburary.   We just got another blast of snow last night and today so I can't wait to see how difficult it's going to be this weekend.   You'll be sure to know, I am going to share the rest of my rat run with you until that fat rat sings.   Until next time, get after it and shoot straight!