Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Battle Continues...

Approaching a flagged hut on check day is like nothing else.   Clearing your plug to find a tight chain with a mint fur ball on the end of it.   Tugging and clearing vegetation, almost like pulling a pike with a tip up through the ice.   A little rat snow bath, in the sled he goes, and on to the next.

I went up to the metro area to a friend's place to give rattin' a try up there.   That means on big thing.   More people.   More people means more trappers.   It was a bit of a struggle getting on some virgin spots.   I don't mind trapping something that's been hit already, but to maximize my time, I try to avoid it.   This proved to be a hassle.   Another bunk issue has been low water levels.   This means a lot of abandon and frozen huts.   One of the money spots we had was froze up.   The rats were there but so was the ice.   You couldn't get a trap in the hut with all the ice inside.   Lots of runnin' and gunnin'.   Or as I like to call it, wasted time.

I pulled Saturday and came back to my stopping grounds and got a few dozen out before night fall.   This mornings check on those sets was very poor.   Only 7 rats were pulled.   I had already figured on having a low percentage due to the fact that they were in walking distance.   Previous pressure sucks.   Go the extra mile, or shall I say walk the extra mile, it's worth it.

I didn't start my rat race until after Christmas.  Bowhunting always seems to hinder the rest of my outdoor activities.   Next year I will portion my time properly to each activity.   I am however on track to hit my goal of 150 rats before the season's end.   I'm sitting on 121 rats after this weekends catch.   How did I come up with a 150 rat goal you ask?   That's what it's gonna take to pay for my bear taxidermy bill.   I have what you would call a bit of a taxidermy problem.   A problem that doesn't need curing.

Until next time, the battle continues...