Friday, March 30, 2012

The new food plot project has officially been started.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Hogs

The end of March feels more like the end of April.   Rising water temps means big early spring gills.  

The winds were calm and the sun was beginning to turn my white winter skin red.   Bluegill after bluegill.   Spinning in a tight circle right before being lifted out of their wet refuge.   The pods of fish were just below the waters surface, perhaps catching some rays of their own.

The fish have left the creeks and have began to stage in shallow to mid depths.   Creeping along with the trolling motor fan casting in all directions.   Nothing.   Nothing.   Boom, boom, boom.   You know it's a good bite when you leave the livewell open.  

Small plastic jigs with a small cork set at 14 - 16 inches.   Nothing fancy.   The fish were really up high and surfacing like crazy.   Yes, I even pulled the fly rod out from time to time to get my fix.  

Being surrounded by gills meant a lot of game fish activity.   Bass, pike, and dog fish were in a frenzy feasting on the gills.   I was reeling in about a 5 inch gill when he was smashed by a pike.   I fought the pike for a while until he finally released the gill.   In a strange way, I guess I saved that fishes life.

Nothin' better than the smell of gills fryin' up!