Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trout Opener

The official mark of spring, trout opener.   Hiking, casting, and catching.   What's not to love?

      Trout opener has become one of those traditions you wouldn't miss for anything.   Fishing for trout is like no other fishing.   It's more like hunting than anything really.   Picking a path and sneaking to a pool and attempting that first perfect cast.

      The southeast area in which I was fishing had received some rainfall the day prior to opener.   This created the perfect opener.   Dirty water that was at the perfect level.   Not too high and not too low.   Dirty water is huge.   You could walk right up to a pool without fear of busting the fish out.   No commando style needed.

      I fish some very small streams on opener, mainly to avoid pressure.    There may not be as many and as big of fish in the small waters, but it makes for a better opener.   I did manage to catch one really nice fish.   Trout, pound for pound, are the most fierce fighters to swim.   Especially with ultra light tackle.

On opener, I began going old school.   I pick night crawlers from my yard the night before and that is what I use on opener.   A bare hook and a very small split shot.   I finesse them out of tight pockets.   Letting the current carry my bait far under snags I normally couldn't fish.   Trout fishing is a game of casting.   Be prepared to lose rigs in trees, limbs, rocks, etc.   Frustrating and motivating, all in one.  

Opener was short and sweet.   I took home a limit and managed to land a beauty in a very short amount of time.   The bit was, well, intense.   Every opener, no matter what the species, I'm reminded of what I love more than ever.   It truly is my motivation.