Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bass Opener???

Funniest lookin' bass I've ever seen.

Today was the 2012 Bass Opener.   As far as fishing goes, my favorite opener.   I must say, it was a complete bust.   One of the worst I can remember.

Storm after storm bring rain and high winds have keep me off the water more than I care for.   I managed to sneak out for just a little bit before being stormed off the water again.   I don't really care for all the lightening while waving my 7' flippin' rod around.

I've seen a ton of fish on beds and pre bed fish the last few weeks fishing gills.   Funny the difference a few days can make.   With all the rain causing a ton of run off, the lakes have already begun to green up.   The weeds are high and a lot of beds are empty.    If you can even see them.  

It has been a strange year for spawning.   Water temps go up then come back down and then go back up again.   I'd be willing to be the fish are as confused as I am.   Landing only a few small bass and a few pike.   I wasn't on the water long and for that reason along, I am truly in need of a bucket mouth fix.  

We are on track to have the wettest May on record.    Please weather, CHILL OUT!