Monday, May 28, 2012


I love slamming that rod back and burying a barb in a big old buckmouth's face.   As she tries bulldogging you into the weeds you push your rod and line to it's limit.   When she is secured under the pressure of my thumb, I want to hold her high and scream.

Let's be honest, bass fishing is just plain old fun.   Action and aggresion always make me smile.   The fish seem to be in different stages within a body of water and vary also amoungst different bodies of water.  

Between the million people on the lake and the high winds, finding fish was a bit tricky.   I did manage to find some fish tucked up in calm tree sheltered bank.   The fish were mostly feeding on bluegill on an inside weed line.   Weightless creature baits are golden for this pattern.   You have to fan cast from the weed edge to the bank in order to cash in on the criuzers as well.

Had to wait for an eternity to load the boat, got slammed by flies, and slapped around by the wind.   Those 20 billies were more than worth it.

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