Sunday, June 3, 2012

Plots Update

Ok everyone, here is a little plot update.   I went out this afternoon to check the plots, set minerals out, and hang cameras.   I plan on planting them mid July.   Soon there will be the start of 2012 Trail Cam Pics.

The photo above is the Saddle plot.   It was established last year.   You can see it is doing very well.   It does need a round of spray, but weed growth is very minimal.  

The photo below is of the new food plot I have been establishing new this year.   You sure can tell the difference.   It is in need of a heavy spraying.   Weeds are very hard to get in control, but once you do they are much more manageable.  

I am very excited about these two  plots this year, can't wait to see what experiences they hold in store for me!