Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crappies Continue

Well, just like it says.   The crappies continue to move in and out.   The spawn is happening here and there, at best.
With water temps creeping into the mid 60's, which is insanely weird to say in June, the fish are in small scattered pods.   Every so often a dock would be holding a handful of fish.   I noticed on this particular body of water that most of the crappies I had caught were females.   Which tells me the spawn is still in all stages.
Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the spawn for most summer spawning species will be very sporadic this year.   With water temps rising and falling and rising again, the spawn is not in high concentrations like a more normal year would support.
This is a good thing to me.   The spawn, along with fantastic fishing, will linger.   You may need to do some extra scouting but the bite will last longer and every body of water will be different.  
Small jigs and small corks fill livewells.   I'm really anticipating what the forecasted warmer weather will bring.   Water temps will be on the rise and so should the fins! 


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