Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Trip North

The truck was packed and the cover was on the boat.   Crystal and I were headed north in search of serenity and, well of coarse, fish.
Serenity and fish, either one came easy.   The waters had big waves and so did the towns.   Waves of people flooded in by Friday afternoon.  
Wind was our biggest obstacle.   It kept us off a lot of waters we wanted to scout.   It wasn't breezy, it was crankin'.   This forced us into bays and on smaller waters.   Which really for me isn't too upsetting.   I love exploring these small little holes.   There is some great fishing to be had.   I really try to focus on the lakes with species specific management regulations.   Target the managed species!
During the week is much easier to catch your limit of serenity.   It is amazing to watch the migration of people begin come the weekend.   By late Saturday morning every gas station is all jammed up.   Stress levels tend to go up when navigating these areas pulling the boat.   You know exactly what I'm talking about.
We caught several pike pulling plugs.   We didn't target walleye all too much so only catching one
small fish wasn't much of a surprise.   We caught largemouth in good numbers and we kept a mess of crappies one evening to have ourselves a fish fry back at camp.  
I always enjoy myself in the north country.   Whenever you leave there is always a tiny bit of excitement to get home, but once you're actually on the road it is very depressing.   Back to reality.


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