Sunday, July 21, 2013

Food Plots Planted

This is my "hard to reach" food plot rig.   Yes, that is a lawn mower strapped to the back.
I can, with a smile on my face, say that I am done with the food plots for the year.   Well, if all goes well weather wise.   I planted them this weekend with the rain forecasted.   It is about a week earlier than what I think would have been ideal but you have to do it when the time is right. 
I have super good luck with brassicas/turnips.   Ideally I like to plant them the last week in July to the first week in August.   With the crazy weather this year, I'm happy to have them in the ground.  A good week early, but I'll take it.
This is how I plant my plots, everyone will tell you something different.   This works rather well for me.
1. Spray it and wait at LEAST a week, preferably two weeks if you can to make sure the entire plant is dead.
2.   Mow it.   After the plot has been killed mow it.  It cleans it up and makes digging it up so much easier.
3.   Turn up the ground.   Disc it, cultivate it, whatever you have to till up the soil is fine.   Make sure you have turned it all up good in all areas.
4.    Lime it and leave it for a week, preferably with rain shortly after.
5.   Till it up again right before planting.   This will help aid in cutting down on any weeds that started to grow and also to prepare a good seed bed.
6.   Fertilize it before broadcasting the seed.   Hand spreader works fine.
7.   Broadcast your seed.
8.   I like to run a small light drag over it once quickly after seeding.   Depending on the required seed depth, you may have to get the seeds down a bit more.   Make sure you read the planting depths.
9.   Hope like hell you get some rain shortly after to promote the seeds into germinating.  
That is basically it.  Simple.   I also try to create a mineral site at each plot as well to hang a camera on.   Watch your plot grow and how the deer are relating to it.    Personally I like brassicas/turnips.   Deer have pounded them in the past.   I love seeing red on those huge green leaves!   Happy plottin' everyone.


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