Sunday, September 22, 2013

Duck Opener Report 2013

I'll just jump right into the meat and potato's right off the bat.  
Saturday I limited out by sunrise and Sunday morning was the same.   I am not tooting my own horn but a ton of my quick limits were due to my good shooting.   Sometimes you're on and sometimes you're not.   This weekend, I was on.   Had myself a couple double, hell, even my dog had a double retrieve this weekend.   One mouth, two ducks.
Mostly wood ducks and teal were in the air.   Very few mallards, but I did manage to reach a few.   Woodies and teal were pretty close in numbers.   A few good cold snaps and the little teal of the sky will be gone shortly.
Saturday morning was much better than Sunday morning.   We like to sit later than most folks.
   Reason being, when most guys go in they jump ponds.   This is when you get a lot of shooting at singles and pairs.   Which is the best, in my opinion.   After the morning rush on Sunday things slowed way down in a hurry.   A lot less in the air late morning.  
We sat till late morning awaiting a goose opportunity.   Surprisingly, there were very few opportunities to be had.   I didn't see as many as I usually do.   Definitely not due to lack of numbers.   The majority were high up and away.   That's what you get with calm bluebird days. 
Overall the Minnesota waterfowl opener was pretty darn good.   Better than I had anticipated anyways.   I've had better and I've most certainly had worse.     We'll have to see how the rest of the season holds up...


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